Whenever we travel, we try to still go to church on Sunday.  Some of our best memories have happened at church during our travels. If you have the habit of using vacation as an excuse to skip church, I’d like to challenge you to see what you’ve been missing.

We attended church in the Livorno Branch. They have their own nice building, and a fairly good sized congregation.  There were even a few Americans there, though the services are done entirely in Italian. You can meet some of the most interesting people with great stories while at church.  We were introduced to a sister who came from the Jackson area, and is married to an Italian Special Forces soldier.  Everyone was very welcoming and willing to share, even though most couldn’t speak to us. During sacrament meeting one young brother translated everything for me, very loudly. I don’t think anyone could even hear the speaker because he was talking so loudly, but he did a fantastic job. The lady in front of us kept turning around and saying, “Bravo!”

After church we decided to drive half-way home. Our goal was to bet to Bolzano, but we only made it to Trento, where we stayed overnight in a private inn near the Dolomites mountains.  We stopped by the downtown Christmas market and saw some cool things before getting off to bed. The town is very cool, and from what people have been telling me, has some worthwhile attractions. It was freezing cold, but we were all excited to be closer to home.

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