Our cruise was supposed to make a stop in Casablanca, Morocco, but due to flooding, we went to Arrecife instead.   Then, we were supposed to go to Funchal, Madeira, but because of rough seas and winds, the Captain decided that we would make another stop in Spain instead.  I know, I’m complaining about my Mediterranean cruise. I’m so spoiled.  I’ll stop now, but those two places were supposed to be the highlights of the trip.  Casablanca was THE reason I chose this particular cruise, ship and time.  Otherwise I would not have chosen it at all. We didn’t even get any recompense from the company for the changed itinerary. I continue to be a little disappointed.  The Canary Islands and Spain were not on my list of places to visit before leaving Europe.  But, I am glad I was pleasantly surprised to have gone there anyway.

The next destination was Malaga, Spain.  We made the mistake of signing up for a non-refundable bus tour through the cruise office for the city.  We were herded onto a crowded bus (Gus was on my lap) with about 100 other passengers, some German, some English.  The tour guide gave the tour in both languages, with an annoying “nuh” noise inserted after almost every other word in a questioning manner.  “Nuh?” We went through the city and up to a castle on the hill. It was an old fortress, packed with other tourists.  The boys and I ignored the guide and wandered around ourselves, but Andy was polite enough to follow her and learn some things, as well as pick up the “nuh” habit.

After the fortress, we went down into the town and walked around, saw some Roman ruins, another fortress, and  a big Catholic church that wouldn’t let us in because it was too full. We had about 15 minutes to walk around, get some snacks of almonds, figs, and dates, then head back to the bus and back to the boat.  We could have spent more time wandering around, but decided to relax on the ship instead, to avoid mutiny by pirates who had already seen their fill.

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