Ok, so all the pictures never uploaded, so I’m back to choosing the few to post here. Our next stop was Tenerife, another of the Canary Islands. It was quite nice. We went to a museum and saw some interesting mummies, along with a bunch of other artifacts discovered on the islands.  Apparently the mummified people were blond haired and had blue eyes, lived in elaborate caves, and made pots, and had goats.  Who knew?  We also learned that the islands were named not after the canary bird, but after the numerous stray dogs (canines) found roaming around.

Probably the highlight of the entire trip for the boys was when we watched some pigeons feasting at McDonalds. While we were inside,  one pigeon walked into the restaurant through the automatically opening doors. The boys joked that he was going to order something.  But later, when we were outside, someone had left an unfinished meal on a table and it was promptly attacked by a mass of pigeons. The boys assumed it was the food the previous pigeon had ordered for him and his friends. French fries were flying everywhere. It was hilarious.

Gus got a haircut in Tenerife and we walked to a nice city park where we saw a giant marshmallow tree and enjoyed a break from the sights.  

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