Before our trip I made the boys do a little research on each destination we were supposed to visit.  They also made a list of the top things they wanted to see in each place.  In Barcelona, the top attraction for all of us was The Sagrada Familia church.  There were many ‘tours’ offered through the cruise ship at each port. We found them all a little overpriced, and so we mostly set out on our own. We did take advantage of a cruise chartered shuttle bus from the port into town, which was also overpriced.  We quickly learned our lessons about what is offered when a cruise ship pulls into town. Number one is that the cruise ship overcharges you for everything. Number two is that the chamber of commerce in each port town is so happy to see you there, that there is usually free or cheap transportation waiting for you.  So, skip the cruise charters, and venture out! Barcelona is a great city to see on foot. Buses and Metro tickets are cheap and easy.

Here’s the boys. Gus is upset because we didn’t stop at any souvenir shops to buy him anything yet. But don’t worry. Just after this photo, we went to a shop where he bought a small stuffed bull, whom he calls “Barce-A-Bull.”

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