I know this is a little late in posting, but I am still amused thinking about it:

The Return of the Jedi

As much as we wish for the Force, we are yet without.

Imagine you’ve just spend all day traveling across the world. You have been waiting around in airports in strange cities, not to mention living in a foreign land for the last months. But at last, you are finally on your way to home.  You have your bags with you on the train, and you’re approaching your home station.  You see your family waiting through of the window as your train pulls in and stops. Excitement and anticipation increase.  Then, your worst nightmare occurs.  As the train stops, you see people in other cars getting off the train, (you know the train only stops for a few minutes before moving on), but…you can’t get your door open to get off the train!  You become frantic.  What if you got stuck on the train, leaving your family behind to wonder?  Would they know what happened to you? How could you disappoint them?  (In moments like this it would have been nice to have and use the Force.) In a mad panic you somehow manage to bound across an entire train car with luggage in tow, burst open another door and leap out just before the conductor blows the whistle and the train pulls away.  Ahhh.   At last, home you are.

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