Tick, tock…

Any day now, Andy is due to show up back home. Actually, we’ll be nice enough to get him from the train station.  His return will be several months later than planned, but happily a few days earlier than expected. We are all really excited. I’m sure we’ll all be elated, but to be honest, it won’t be a seamless transition back into normal life. It never is.  Often the ‘reintegration’ period is more difficult than the separation.  Ask any military wife.  For starters, I’ll have to give up my kim chee habits, as well as learn to sleep on my side of the bed, use only one of the two bathroom sinks, and make dinner every night again and wash a butt-load of more laundry. Oh, the things we endure!  We’ll see how it all goes.

To celebrate his return, I’m planning to go to IKEA, BY MYSELF.  I just decided this now. I haven’t told him about it yet, but he’ll find out soon enough. I will RELISH every sweet MOMENT there, looking aimlessly at whatever I want for HOURS, listening to the sound of OTHER CHILDREN begging their parents to leave, instead of hearing MY OWN!  I’ll probably buy something useless, just for fun, and just because I want the chance to stand in line for the usual 1/2 hour IN SILENCE sans “Why is it taking soo long??” whining. It will be AWESOME.  I can hardly wait.

We’re also planning on taking a little (ok, big) cruise with the children just after Thanksgiving.  It will be our first real vacation/trip since last Thanksgiving, when we went to Austria.  (I’m not counting our little visits to Thailand and Colorado as vacations, even though they could be thus classified by some.)  Barcelona, Canary Islands, Morocco, Portugal, Rome….all places that aren’t really where I wanted to go, (sigh) I guess they’ll have to do for now.

There is too much to see here, and never enough time. I need to live here permanently.   I’m thinking maybe I should consider become an ex-pat.  How do you think Andy will handle the news?

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