Home at last

We arrived home Thursday afternoon.  It was a long drive from Ramstein, with lots of traffic and construction. I wasn’t sure if I would make it.  I has been quite a temperature shock to be here.  Frosty mornings, lots of darkness, and a winter chill in the air.  No more Colorado sunshine and warm weather.  I do miss it already. But, it is good to be back. I promptly turned up the heaters, went to the grocery store, and surveyed the yard.  Some of the flowers are still doing well. The garden is mostly ruined, but there are still wild strawberries galore, and plenty of carrots still in the ground. The roses are still blooming strong, and need trimming.  The lawn needs mowing again, and there are lots of leaves to rake.  I’m finally finished unpacking and going through the mail, so today, I’ll focus on the yard.  I think the landlord has the same idea. It’s 8am and he’s here to trim the hedges.

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