Aim high, three times

Third time's the charm

I believe the hardest part of our journey home is finally over. After waiting and checking, and calling, and praying for about a month, they finally had flights out of Colorado to the East Coast.  Before I was ready to go home, they had many, many flights. But once I was serious about returning, NOTHING!!  We tried to take a scheduled flight last Thursday. We drove the 2 hours down to the base, and waited for about 2 hours more, only to be told that they weren’t sure where the plane was, or what happened to it, or if it even took off from wherever.  Lost in space.  Unbelievable.  Air Force. (Sorry Uncle Nate)

So, another flight was scheduled for Monday morning. We spent the night with some friends who live close by, and they dropped us off early.  There were three people already waiting for the plane. After waiting for several hours, and being told that the plane would take us all (7 total people), they changed their minds and decided to take only 3, and those weren’t us.  Since I was trying to make a connection in Baltimore that night, and no prospect of flights the next day, I hired a taxi to take us to the commercial airport ($20 even though you could see it from where we were) and tried to buy us tickets out.  Well, I guess all those scenes in the movies where people rush to the airport and are successful at getting on planes last minute are not true.  Perhaps for one, but not for three. There was nothing open for the three of us on that day.  For one of us would have cost the price of a ticket back home.  Not worth the fare just across the country.  I would miss the connection. We called my cousin and she came and took us to her house.

Once at my cousin’s house (which is very nice, and she is my favorite cousin :)) I discovered that the flight plan had changed yet again and they had scheduled a flight out the next day.  This morning she was nice enough to drive us back so we could try once more.  While waiting, we discovered that there were actually two flights scheduled.  Our prospects looked better. I was hopeful.  Then we were told one of the flights would not take anyone.  I was beginning to doubt.  Finally, we were told the next plane would take us all.  I was happy, but cautious. We were allowed to in-process and proceed through the “gate” so we could wait again.  I was given very fake-looking boarding passes.  I was still very skeptical if we would get on the flight.  I didn’t really believe it until we were out on the tarmac and the pilots were escorting us around for last minute goodies and things. What a relief!  I’ve been waiting for this flight since the middle of September!!

Now we are in MD, and will try to make a flight tomorrow evening.  Can it finally be that we are meant to go home, or is this just the beginning of a nice visit to DC??  We’ll know by tomorrow night!


p.s. Lear jets are the only way to travel. Undoubtedly worth the wait.

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