Life after life

We’ve recently been discussing what will happen to us when we die. Aside from becoming immortal beings, knowing all things and being in heaven, one topic continues to plague Gus. If God is all-knowing and powerful, and created and can control all things, does He have The Force? And if we are to become like Him, will we have The Force, too?

For the past few years we have purchased or been given toy Light Sabers for the boys. At one point we had more Sabers than the boys had hands enough to carry them. (They have been slowly vanishing mysteriously.) Sometimes they have epic battles, until one of them gets hurt, or I sense danger to the house, resulting in the weapons being put away until the next galactic encounter. Well, a few days ago, the boys demonstrated to me that we needn’t have bought ANY toys in the first place.

They sat opposite each other at the dinner table and used the Force to attack each other. One would hold out his hand and pretend to send things hurling into the other, while the other reacted appropriately. Then the other would clench his fist and pretend to choke the other, while his brother would gag and eventually feign death (all sound effects included). They played like this all throughout dinner, and enjoyed it immensely. Imagine all the money I could have saved if only I would have capitalized on using The Force instead of buying all these toys. I could have told them it was real from a very early age. (They believe things better when they are younger.)

Things would be different around here…

Boy: “Mom, I’m bored!”

Mom: “Well, go play with The Force.”

Boy: “I can’t. It’s not working!”

Mom: “That’s because you need more practice. Just keep working at it and soon you’ll be having fun.”

Boy: “I already tried!!!”

Mom: “Do or do not. There is no try!”

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