Death of a tomato

About a month ago I transplanted two tomato plants into my garden. They came from the same place, were in the same dirt, and are now in the same soil in the garden right next to each other. They doubled in size and looked quite healthy and strong. They had both flowered, and I was anxiously awaiting little green tomatoes to form. They were doing swimmingly until two days ago. Now one is sad. I’ve looked all around for what could have caused the sadness. No holes, not leaf spots, no tunnels, no footprints. Not dry, not too wet, not broken. So what happened??? Is the demise of the first a death sentence for the next? How could half of the Gemini suffer while the other looks unscathed? Has someone poisoned my plant? I bet it’s those naught gnomes I see over in the neighbor’s yard. They look so happy during the day. I bet they’ve been sneaking over at night and slowly administering arsenic to my plant.

Either that, or they’ve been peeing on it

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