a peek between the ears

So….Here are a bunch of things I’ve been doing, facing, or thinking about lately. Random as they may seem, they are what fill my simple mind. Please be kind. And I haven’t been dreaming of Jonas brothers. Just read on. Besides, this is my 100th post.  Yippy.  Are we bored yet?

In order to get myself a bulldog puppy, (which are ridiculously expensive in the States right now) I was thinking about appealing to the all time magic man, the man who can make things happen, who makes the world go around…..none other than…..Ryan Seacrest. Sounds absolutely stupid, and genius at the same time. If only he would frequent the blog, he would know my pain and give me money, or a puppy.  (My family will have to laugh. I am always covertly trying to get people to give me $$)

A friend asked me to help her with her college math (Algebra!!) homework. It was truly the first time I realized how dumb I’ve become. It was very depressing. 10 years of not using your brain (not to mention the death of brain cells due to childbirth 2 times) is a painful thing to swallow.  Honestly, I am surprised I still know how to read. I certainly can’t spell.

Follow up with the school principal who called me about the stupid PTA idea of DDR: I went in to the principal’s office to see her, per her request, and she began by telling me she just wanted to discuss how I was feeling, because she was concerned…blah blah.  So, I asked her to first tell me why she thought this “wonderful program” was a good idea. She said it was something encouraged by the headquarters administration, that they had it over at the high school, and it was great, and proven to work, blah, blah.  Work what? Does this mean you plug it in and it comes on? I told her how I felt, and that there were many more effective ways to encourage physical fitness that didn’t involve putting kids in front of a video game.  Before I could really finish my thoughts, or tell her how I was “feeling” (what she had asked), she ushered me out the door with, “Well, thank you Mrs. O for letting me know. I appreciate that.”  And she sent me on my merry way.  This blog is rated PG, therefore I will not continue this topic.

Last week I substituted for a 5th grade class for only half of the day. They were so excited to see me, and announced frequently that I was their favorite substitute.  Well, it was a difficult afternoon, as the plans the teacher left were derailed by a silly assembly, which I tried to skip out on, but was told to go by the remedial reading teacher, who just happened to pop into the room.  When we got back to class I found out that somehow we missed a lecture from the school guidance counselor, who seemed a little cheesed that we weren’t there (thank you lucky stars!).  By the time school was done, the kids were wild and rowdy, and I left a very detailed letter for their teacher, as I always do.  The next day, I was at the school to go on a field trip with Gus. About 1/2 of the students from the 5th grade class were bubbling with excitement to see me, while the other 1/2 wouldn’t even make eye contact.  After school, one of the kids explained it all: The real teacher was furious the next day. He scolded the naughty ones, and then let the good ones do fun things all day, while everyone else had to work silently.  They also had to write apology notes, some students up to three letters for three different teachers whom they may have inconvenienced. I was so excited to see the letters.  I couldn’t stop laughing when the kids told me what had happened. The kids of whom I left notes about are not bad kids, just unable to control their mouths.  Some of them are A students.  They were the most remorseful.  The teacher and I had a good laugh at the notes they gave me. They were hilarious. I’m adding them to the treasures I’ve been collecting while substituting, which include some drawings of me as a mermaid, a picture of Winnie the “POOK” and a felt picture of Joe Jonas.  Priceless.

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