Poopies, etc

Currently I don’t have any pets. I grew up with dogs, but now I just have two children….boys. You’d think that would be plenty.   But I can’t help myself, despite all thoughts of reason and logic. I want a dog. And, I heart Tillman.

I see him, and I can’t reisit. I need to reach out and pull the wrinkles on his face and what should anatomically be his neck. I NEED a bulldog. How could you not want one after looking at this face.  I want the flub. I want the fat. I want it all. The skateboarding is just bonus.

The only, (ok, there are many) problem with acquiring my new fancy is simple.  It involves creating a business proposal in which the opportunity cost of a bulldog is favorable in the eyes of the financier despite the shortfalls (short legs, excessive panting, lots of shedding, drool, poop, food, shots, vets, snoring, smelling, boarding, etc) If my boys looked like bulldogs, and had more wrinkles, I might be apeased. Maybe. Only if they let me pull their cheeks. But they don’t, and I’ve long longed for a canine friend.  It’s been an evolving yearning for many years. Changing, but always canine.

At first I was convinced I needed a yellow Labrador…

Then I was obsessed with Great Danes, and even signed a contract with a breeder.

(The bigger the head, the better)

Recognizing that my preferences were growing more and more wrinkly, my next crush was the noble Bloodhound breed.  

I wish the puppies would stay puppies 4ever, but the mommas are just a cute…and more stretchy fur. These could be useful for finding children who are shirking chores.

After the Bloodhound fetish, which I don’t think I am entirely over, I have currently settled for Type Tillman. Talk about a hunk of stinkin’ love.  It’s like having an animated tree stump around. And I could definately use more of those around here.

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