Deployment Perk#2

I like to consider myself a neat and organized, orderly person. If my husband reads this, he will laugh. He knows that really, I’m not. He’s right. I don’t think I ever made my bed when I was young, once I had my own room, that is. But, I religiously made my bed in the dorms in college, and I am usually pretty good about making the bed, cleaning the house, etc. now that I am married, and have two children that aren’t afraid to publicly announce everything. (Just don’t open cupboards or closets and you’ll be fine.)

This brings me to deployment perk #2. I feel no pressure to make the bed! Maybe the most overrated chore ever. I only do it if I want to, and that’s only about 50% of the time. Also, no one is home to complain that I take up all the bathroom counter space, or leave potential outfits laying out all over the place, not to mention all the other clothes I’ve left where I walked out of them. I can squeeze the middle of the toothpaste all I want, buy floral scented bath soap, and sleep in the middle of the bed with a dozen pillows. No one cares too much if the laundry sits folded in a basket for a few days, or if the clean dishes stay in the dishwasher. It’s ok if the house gets a little dusty, or if that pile of paper on the table sits for just a little longer. It’s even ok if I don’t shave my legs. No one complains. It’s quite relaxing. I think it’s formally called being LAZY. My friend told me to enjoy. (She’s married to Monk. He organizes things at the grocery store when they go shopping.) After all, I’ve only got 6 months.

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