Silver lining

It is hard being a military spouse. You endure all kinds of hardships that those outside the military don’t understand. You put up with a lot of crap, and you just keep going. One of the biggest challenges to deal with is deployment. Deployments are long and lonely, and usually everything goes wrong only during that time. It’s east to get dragged down and wallow in self-pity. Oftentimes eating habits change. Thus is the case in our family. But I feel like our change is for the better, though the boys may not agree.

Since the primary consumer in our home is gone, we naturally need fewer groceries. Since groceries=$$, this is a big plus. And not only do we need fewer groceries, some items can be completely eliminated, such as white bread, milk and Cheerios in our family. Next, and this is the best part for me, I can instead buy AND eat all of those things that my husband finds offensive: olives, mushrooms, raw garlic and onions galore, kippered snacks and sardines, seafood in general, and the best, kimchi. It is so delectable. It’s my secret delight. Can you smell it already? I just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t like kimchi.

There is no arguing. Deployments are a doozy, but you can make the most of it. Grab you favorite spouse-offending foods: blue cheese, Brussel sprouts, squid, tripe, whatever!! Scare everyone away with your breath, including vampires.
Enjoy while you can. Though they seem like they do, deployments don’t last forever. You’ll be back to the white bread sooner than you think.

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