super jolly gizmo

It’s not what you think.

Lately, Gus’ homework consists of writing a journal entry with illustration. His teacher has sent along the instruction that his entries be more than just one simple sentence. Trying to get Gus to write more than one simple sentence (in which the words are longer than three letters) is like trying to get Andy to cheer for the Lakers.  After much coaxing today, Gus decided to write about something he invented in his mind that very second….a game that he and Bryce play.  Honestly, I’ve never seen him play this with Bryce.  He wrote: “We reslld with the supr jolly gismo. It is a spike ball.” He then proceeded to show me what he was talking about by grabbing a blue, squeaky ball nearby, shoving it down his shirt, and then grabbing me around the neck and squeezing our heads together repeatedly while laughing wildly.  Definitely super jolly.  Where did these boys come from ??

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