The Story Retold

I plan on recapturing all of our adventures in a blog posting on it’s own page…click 2553 to get the entire story, with almost day by day action and photos.

Otherwise, we are adjusting well to being home. My friend and neighbor invited us on a bike ride today.  The original plan was to go through some villages and the woods to a nearby town.  In all, about 12K round trip.  Well, we (the boys and I) made it only about 1km before Gus had a Chernobylistic meltdown.  At first, he was having a good time, racing with Bryce.  Then, he slowed down. After a while (remember, all this in the course of 1km) he was lagging behind, and when he finally caught up to me (I waited for him) he was crying and practically hyperventilating.  I would expect that kind of breathing from Bryce, but Gus, Gus is supposed to be made of steel.  Anyway, in his pouty way he said it was toooo far, tears welling up in his beady eyes.

Once Gus decides something, it is very hard to convince him otherwise.  I coaxed him to finish the next 1km needed to reach the next town, Petersaurach, where my friend and Bryce were already waiting for us.  Thinking that perhaps we could still continue on once we reached them, we took a rest.  We rested, and rested. We rested so long a man came by and asked us if something was wrong and if we needed help.

After some “discussion,” Gus decided he would not continue on into the town. It was too far, it was too hard for him to breath, and he wasn’t feeling “well.”  He was going back home.  Bryce agreed that he didn’t want to go shopping either.  So, the three of us left my friend and headed back home and my friend continued on her shopping errand.

It took Gus and I a looong time to get home.  The way home, be it a gentle slope, is mostly uphill and there was a pretty good head-wind.  All this was overwhelming for poor Gus.  He whimpered and wheezed, and walked his bike almost all the 2km back.  First I wished I had a rope to tow him and his bike back.  Then I wished for duct tape to stop the whining.  Funny that once in sight of our street he had a sudden burst of energy and spirits and raced back to the garage, all smiles.  That’s when I wished for a long stick to beat him.  He may have triumphed in getting us to go along with his plan of deception. I have to admit, he’s a good actor. In the end, he got his way.  He’s good, though not good enough to garner any real sympathy from me.

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