Mai Chob Lad Nah

I like to eat Thai food. I like almost everything I try. Because I like so much, I thought it would be easier to remember the names of the things I don’t like. That list is much shorter.

Mai chob Lad Nah. I had it before. I had it again. I hope to not have it any more. Lad Nah….”pour over noodles” dish. Kind of sweet. Kind of slimey. I tried to improve the flavor by adding vinegar and Nam Pla, but it wasnt enough. Blah!

Mai chob Pa Loh. Boiled eggs, broth, cinnamon, pork belly, etc. Favorite of Thais, not of mine.

So far, only two. That’s not bad.

And….Yesterday I ate the king of all fruits….durian. It was ripe. It was fresh, and it wasn’t as bad as I remember it tasting the last time I had it. I actually tried two different kinds. If you can handle the smell, and can control the gag reflex well, you should eat the fruit that polarizes the world.
Plug your nose and dig in to the sweet, creamy, golden flesh. As Yoda so eloquently put it, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

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