Thai telenovelas

I originally planned our trip to Thailand with the sole intent on visiting my mom and her family. Any other thing we would see and do would be bonus. Since I was a “guest” of my mother’s friend and her family (we kind of tag along on her trip) I knew that with the bonus sightseeing comes bonus drama. Good enough to make a multi-level complex soap opera about the challenges and interactions of stubborn, tight-wad Asian ladies who don’t communicate well with others, even in their native language. Add in the fact that one is a successful self-employed businesswoman, one an accountant and one my mother, it makes for high stakes drama.

Reminds me of happyslip. All Asian kids (or part Asian) who grew up in America must watch. It is soo funny and soo true! If you’re not Asian, just humor us. You have your own jokes that we don’t find so humorous.

Check out the episode on “Peelings!”

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