Some like it hot

It’s sometimes too bad that politeness reigns and that I have the habit of biting my tongue. Sometimes I want to tell people that they are idiots, because they are. But, I don’t. Maybe someone else will. I sure hope so. We could use a few less idiots in the world, or at least more idiots informed of their idiotic ways. What we need is more people like Mr. Jepsen, who go around telling people how it really is.

Anyway, last Sunday we arrived in Bangkok. The flight was bearable but we did spend a lot of time at the airport before our flight because there was nothing to do at our house. Well, acutally, I didn’t want the boys to mess up the house we had just finished cleaning and we had no food left. So, we went out for lunch, and tried our best to find diversion all afternoon. We went to the store, we checked the mail. We even went to the park. That’s where our problems began.

If you’ve ever visited a military installtion, and visited a park in the housing area, you will probably have a good image of the conditions and visitors to the park. (Trash, dog poop, random articles of childrens clothing left through the winter, etc.) When we got there, some kids were there, playing, without shoes. Soon, the boys were without shoes, too despite my protests. Yucky!! There was mud and puddles and sand and yuck!!! Of course, the boys were soon covered in mud. All of this after we had locked up the house, and cleaned everything, and put on our travel-friendly clothes. I was just a little upset. What were they thinking??? Running through mud?? Did they plan to sit on a plane with mud-crusted toes for 10 hours into 90% humidity at the other end?? Ahhhh!!

I had to drive all the way home and have them change clothes and wash feet. They didnt have anymore weather appropriate clothes, which they regretted immediately once we landed. After rinsing the tub of all the mud, I found Gus in the bathroom filling his shoes with water (or cleaning them, as he claimed). Ahhhhh! Wouldn’t really be a big problem if Gus had more than one pair of shoes, but he doesn’t. I had to find a pair of Bryce’s old hiking boots for Gus to wear on the plane and into the 90 degree weather.

So after that episode, I decided the safest place for us to go was just to the airport. We arrived there around 4pm for out 9:50pm flight. Luckily the Munich airport is a dream. If you come to visit us please try to come there, or to Nuremberg, not Frankfurt. It’s too far, and too big.

We had no problems waiting around to check our bags and then only waited for a short while at the gate before boarding. The only problem we did run into was…..chocolate. Because it was Easter, they were giving free giant chocolate bunnies away to all the kids. Instead of boarding the plane covered in mud, the boys made the journey covered in chocolate.

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