On the morning that we took Andy to the airport Gus sneaked away from the breakfast table and went up to his room. He was there for a while, and eventually came down with a small package which he presented to Andy with the instructions to not open until on the plane.

For the past four months or so, we have used the acronym TSNT (top secret, not telling) quite frequently. It is often the first response to any question, and most definately the answer of choice when Bryce wants to intrude on a conversation. We use it most frequently at dinner, but it can be found in all parts of the house, any time of the day. (Bryce made a binder cover with the letters TSNT in bold across the top. He also included a drawing of a keypad and finger scan.)

It was therefore only natural that when Bryce questioned Gus that morning as to the contents of the package he gave Andy, his reply was, “TSNT.”

Of course, we all already knew what it was. A lucky quarter.

How did I end up with such sweet boys?

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