Little bits

For the past few weeks I have been searching the house for Baht (Thai money). I knew I had some, all kept together in a little plastic baggie……somewhere. I just didn’t know where. I looked in all the places I thought it could be. I looked in all the same places again, and guess what?? It still wasnt there!! It was frustrating.

Then, one day I realized that I didn’t know where my digital camera was. Now, I am not a person who tends to lose things…..( forget that last post about the missing shoe). This was doublly troubling. Not only would I be out some Baht, but it was looking like I was going to have to fork out a couple Franklins for a new lens. Grrrr!

When something goes missing around here, you first must ask the boys. They have sticky fingers and big eyes, not to mention big heads. Usually one inquiry will produce the missing item. Well, I even offered them a dollar to find my camera. Still no luck. I should have raised the reward. I started researching cameras, checked the Puke-X to see what they didn’t have, compared prices online, und, und, und. I hate shopping. It’s so tedious. Really. Okay, just for some things. I like to buy furniture. That’s fun for me. Anyway……

In the end, as always, prayers were answered. Andy found my Baht….I had a lot in that little baggie. And good thing I am not an impulse shopper. The next morning I looked in the exact same place I had looked a million times over the past two weeks for my camera, and guess what??? There it was! Thailand here we come!

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