Cinderella Story

If you didn’t already know, Crocs clogs/shoes are made in Boulder, Colorado. Several times a year, especially since their stock tanked, they have held huge warehouse sales. You can find odd sizes, unique styles, and FANTASTIC prices. To such an event I went. I had to stand outside in a line that reached around a city block for at least an hour just to have my turn to dig through 100s of bins of Crocs, searching for the right size, color, style, etc. And find I did.

I spent about $60 and came home with six pairs of shoes and sandles (not all for me…I’m not that bad). My favorite find was a Mary-Jane style in red. The Cinderella slipper. I had to dig extra long just to find the right size. I had to fend off other shoppers. It was like a war zone. I came away victorious. Then we moved to Germany.

Shortly after our move we went to the Frankfurt temple. We took the boys with us, and stayed in the hostel next to the temple. We took turns doing a few sessions, met some really nice people from Luxembourg, and ate dinner with Pilipinos who have lived in Vienna for the last two decades and speak better German than English.

Then, Saturday afternoon, we packed up our things and headed home. Somewhere between our hostel room and the trunk of the car, a red slipper vanished. I blame the boys. They were carrying the bags out to the car. I’d blame them even if they hadn’t. I mean, how do you lose a bright red rubber shoe?? You’d have to be color blind, or something worse (only nice words here today). Somehow, when we got home, I only had one red shoe. I called the temple to report a missing shoe. I think there was a language disconnet. They didnt sound convincingly worried about looking for it.

For months I never heard a word about the missing shoe, and I kept its lonely mate under my bed hoping for a joyful reunion on my next trip to the temple. Well, I was just there again today. I know. It has been WAY too long. Anyway, I had a pleasant visit. Afterwards, I began the shoe quest…..and came away empty handed. No record of said missing shoe to be found anywhere. 😦 After all those months…”sigh”….I came home and promptly threw the other shoe in the trash. Take that!!! I should throw a few more things in there, too. Maybe it would make me feel better about it. (Actually, I recycled the shoe, true to Boulder philosophy.) To think…all these months I’ve been waiting to again have a functional pair, and now nothing to show but a shoe in the trash. I could have done that months ago, and could have been enjoying another pair all the while!! No more waiting around like Cinderella for me! No more keeping lonely shoes! Zappos, here I come!

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