Fungus among us

There is a boy at school named Jamus. I always think of “the fungus among us” when I hear his name. Poor kid. I’m sure people probably think the same thing when they hear ‘Gus.’ I hate when parents give their kids funky names. It’s nice (and communistic) that here in Germany there are laws governing the naming if children. No naming girls boy names, and no boys walking around named Tracy. (love you!!) No creating names out of weird syllables. No embarrassing names. No names that would give your child a complex. No naming people after places, etc. Names are a serious thing here.

Speaking of serious things, spring is finally here in Bavaria. Yippy! One of the fun things about moving to a new house is seeing what plants come up in the spring. I was beginning to wonder about the botany around our house.

The poor rose bushes in the back looked like they had not been pruned in fifty years, so much so that the natural wild plant had overtaken the grafts and there was about 20-feet long ‘vines’ all over the place with no flowers at all! I did a pretty severe prune in the fall, and maybe I’ll get another one in this next week. I am suspecting that I will just have to dig out the bushes all together because I think the flowering species has been killed off. Plus, the part that is left looks like a Celtic knot, all twisted all over the place.

Just before we moved in, the landlord chopped down two large coniferous trees which flanked the doorway. Then he trimmed the hedge, about 1foot shorter than it had been. (I don’t know if it will ever grow again. It still looks dead). Then a few months later he chopped down another huge, like 50′ tall, spruce tree, and followed by taking out a spreading juniper-type bush which had previously covered about 1/8 of the front yard.

Things were looking pretty barren all winter long. But, to my great surprise, spring brought out my favorite things!! Bulbs. I am surprised at how many there actually are. (I wasn’t expecting any). I am excited to add my own plants…hostas, violets, boxwood, and of course, more bulbs!!

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