We speak English, last I checked

Recently I made Waldorf Salad for dinner. I had never made it before, and apparently no one in the family had ever had it, except for me. Well, it was received with mixed emotion. Andy, good man that he is, ate it without any comment. Bryce, after initial hesitation, ate all of his as well. Gus…..well, after thorough examination, declaired it “ewe!” I tried to explain to him what it was, and proceeded to list the ingredients, whereupon he decided that it was “ewe-er.” I am therefore waiting for the food that causes the “ewe-est” response. At least he understands superlatives.

Havin mastered English grammar, Gus has also taken the time to learn some French, but please don’t tell him. On the head of my bed I have the word “dream” in wooden letters. One morning, after the Imperial Death March, Gus decided to turn the word around and sound out the word backwards. Hard ‘a’ and soft ‘e’ make for a lovely French word. Just what I like to have repeated in my waking ears again and again and again. It was very hard not to grin, and I had to lie when he asked if dream spelled backwards makes a real word. At least it isn’t a real word in English.

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