Lucy in the Sky

Last week a friend of mine invited me to attend a spinning class with her. I’ve never been to a spinning class before. In fact, I don’t really own a bike, and haven’t since I left home. Anyway, I ran out of excuses and so I went. I never knew you could torture yourself so much with a stationary machine. Why would you want to do such a thing?? I am soooo sore!  It’s been days already!  I’d much prefer to be outside, climbing real hills, breathing fresh air, seeing real things, and NOT listening to crap music blarring over a soundsystem, and someone with a microphone taped to her head yelling at me to keep going. Keep going where?? Around and around? All I could think about was the Beatles song….”lucy in the sky with diamonds” spinning around and around. Dumb song, dumb idea. I think I’ll stick to being outside. Maybe I’ll even get a real bike to make myself feel better. Now….the only question is Ferrari or Lamborghini???

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