Art Appreciation

The last time we were here in Germany we lived in a nice town called Schweinfurt. They had just opened a wonderful art museum when we moved there, and entrance was free for the first Tuesday of each month.  I don’t know why I’m telling you. It’s called the Georg Schafer Museum.  Anyway, the rest of this post has nothing to do with that. It was just a thought.  So, back to the real story.  Last time we were here, I bought an “I Spy” type book (in German) from a museum gift shop, I believe at the Residence in Wurzburg.  It has about 20 famous paintings with various details that are to be located within the bigger picture.  For the past few nights we have been looking at this book before bedtime. (I finally returned the book on the human brain.)  Gus has been particularly interested.  Yesterday we ended on only the 5th or 6th painting, as it is fairly time consuming to find the details.  I showed him the remaining paintings in the book that we have yet to examine.  One painting in particular caused quite a reaction from Gus. It was definately his favorite.   I have to admit that I was not surprised at all.  Are you?? 

(***Try to view the full image of the painting to really appreciate why Gus likes it so much) 

I’m glad the boys are well cultured at such a young age.  He liked this even better than Jackson Pollock!!

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