Biathalon, I’m not coming!

Yesterday I went cross country skiing for the very first time!! It was ummm…..nice. I went through the woods next to our village with my neighbor, Martina. (She is the one always lending me her things, and her husband’s things, and these skis were no exception.)
It was a very new sensation being freed in the heel and on skis. I don’t know how those telemarking peeps do it. I had a hard time going on flat ground!
I wish I would have had a camera with me. (I now pledge to be better.) The scenery was picturesque and there were a few moments that would have been priceless to capture (for blackmail…of myself). The highlight or low point, of the adventure was the end, about at the turning around point, about 3 km from home. Martina suddenly got blisters on her feet. She tried it all; to adjust her boots, to keep her feet stationary while using her poles to move forward, to use only one foot (like on a scooter). It only got worse. She eventually had to take off her skis, and then boots, and walk in the snow in her socks. At one point, she put her gloves on her feet and waddled like a penguin. Kodak moment. I felt sorry for her, but I still laughed. I know, I’m mean. But be forewarned. If it was you, I’d laugh, too.

Today I feel very stiff and sore in my legs. Maybe that’s my punishment. Or as the boys like to say, my “payback.” Needless to say, I won’t be participating in any biathalon any time soon. I’d definately shoot someone (on accident). Maybe shoot my own foot. No, I think I enjoy having my heels firmly planted, clamped, and bound. When you’ve grown up at the foot of the mountains, why would you want to ski up instead of down??

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