My birthday

I instructed Andy to throw me a birthday party this year.  I told him the theme, and approximate date (not of my birthday, just the party) and what we should do.  He even made the main dish and invitations (mostly).  It turned out very nice.  The theme I chose was a “Haiku Party.” 

Everyone was given an invitation with a haiku composed by Andy inviting them to the party.   In turn, everyone was invited to bring a haiku to share as a gift for me.  We had lots of food, three cakes, and a “ninja challenge” event, where we competed with one another to see who could pick up the most things with chopsticks.  We also had a haiku reading where everyone recited the poem he or she wrote.  I know, kind of dorky, but it was lots of fun.  Even the kids had to write one.  I got one in German, one in Japanese, and lots of good ones in English.  I was especially surprised by the one Bryce wrote:

              I go forever

             Somewhere out of any sight

            Somewhere forever

I just wish I knew where he was talking about.

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