Go away Tooth Fairy!

It has been snowing like crazy here. I’d venture to say it’s the most snow in this area in 80 years. I am making that up, since I have no idea what’s it’s been like here for the past 80 years, but I don’t think anyone here will argue with me about it.  We have a covered deck/patio outside our living room. You can see it through all the windows in the living room.  It is tiled.  It is empty of everything except the BBQ grill.  It was covered with snow.  Bryce went there to talk to me/make gestures at me through the window.  Then, he slipped and hit his chin (luckily not splitting it) then, while struggling to get up, slipped and chipped both his front teeth. Chipping my teeth on tile is my greatest phobia. I’m pretty sure it’s worse than having tarantulas crawling all over my body, poisonous snakes slither up my pant let, or drowning in cesspools. It makes no sense, but for me, that’s the way it is.  Who said I had to make sense anyway?  Women can be excused from this by nature of being a woman. 

Bryce was able to see a dentist within 20 minutes (of course on a Friday afternoon, as everything is closed) and spent the weekend showing off his chips to his friends. It didn’t seem to hurt him so badly. He came home from the dentist and ate pretzels.  On the following Monday, the dentist patched his teeth up.  We are just waiting now to see if they will live.  I hope so, because a root canal at age 8 doesn’t sound very fun, either.

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