German School

I’ve been mulling the idea of putting the boys in German school since before we moved here.  I think I will do it next fall. I want them to learn German. I told the boys about my decision. Bryce is completely opposed to it and was brought to tears.  (I have a few months to work on that.)  Gus was excited. I told him that usually the German kids get out of school before lunch time. He asked if he could go that very next day.  I told them that if they both went, they could learn German, and could talk to each other without me knowing what they were saying.  Gus got excited again and said, “Yeah, we could be like, ‘Ja,’ ‘Nein,’ ‘Ja,’ ‘Nein.’”  (This is exactly what they say to each other in English.)

I won’t tell him I already know what that means.


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