no luck

If you have a Wii, you may know about the ‘today and tomorrow’ channel. It’s about horoscopes and luck and other invented random suggestions. It’s really funny, with all its disclaimers about not following all the suggestions it gives, like not eating food you’re allergic to, and such. Anyway, the boys love to see how much ‘luck’ they have each day. I guess the Wii arbitrarily assigns a number between 0 and 100 for you to measure your luck. (It also tells you your lucky color, your horoscope, and what you should make for dinner, or I think that’s what it’s trying to tell me!)

I guess today wasn’t my lucky day…I only got 41. I could have told you that without even consulting the Wii.

First, it snowed a few inches last night. Normally, that’s nice. But, if you’ve seen my complaining on FB, you know that snow=shoveling. Germans have a law that the sidewalk in front of your house must be shoveled by YOU. If someone falls and gets hurt on your sidewalk because you didn’t take care of it, it is YOUR fault. We are so lucky to live on a gently sloping, rounded corner, with a wide sidewalk and double driveway. There is no sidewalk on the other side of the street, so all foot traffic uses OUR sidewalk. I think that under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t worry too much. The problem is, the only pedestrian I see regularly using the side-walk is an old lady….REALLY old lady, like 80 (sorry, grandma, don’t take it personally). She walks with a cane. She has three little dogs, the kind Jeff wants to have to keep warm on cold nights. She takes the three little dogs for walks every morning and every evening, and maybe sometime in between when I’m not paying attention. If I don’t shovel in time, I find the footprints….lots of little dog prints, two old lady feet, and a cane impression. In my mind I picture this old lady, who is often accompanied by another less old old lady, lying on the ground, perhaps next to the Mt. Everest we’ve created near the driveway out of shoveled snow, three little dogs all tangeled around her legs and cane, colorful German phrases flowing freely from her frozen lips, all because I didn’t shovel the snow on the gentle slope. This causes me a little anxiety. So, snow=shoveling. Bad luck today because I have to shovel all by myself. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to shovel it all. My biceps are maxed out from all the reps (from shoveling for three or four days straight), I can’t even brush my teeth well AND I don’t think I’ll have a day to recover tomorrow. It’s still snowing tonight!

Bad luck #2….I was hoping for a day of staying at home by myself to try and get things done…no kids, no substituting, no pressure to have dinner ready at a certain time (yes, Andy, it does get old after a while)….Well…the school called and asked me to come in to substitute 1/2 day…blah….then about 1/2 hour later, they called back to say I didn’t need to come in…Yeah!….until they told me it was because school was going to be let out early due to snow….blah. So, another day spent with the boys, who were slightly more productive today around the house than normal, and not much done, except shoveling, which already looks as if it never happened. It sometimes makes me want to lie in the snow and let my own colorful German phrases flow, even if I don’t know what I’m saying. And if I had the dogs, at least I’d be warm.

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