New Year’s

Our friends the Damschens, who live at Ramstein, who used to live in our neighborhood in Colorado, came to visit us for New Year’s. They have a boy Bryce’s age, and a girl a little older than Gus. They also brought their dog, a rat terrier named Captain Carlos, or Carlos for short. We really enjoyed having them all stay, even after Carlos pooped on the floor two times. It made me miss having a dog around the house. Too bad Carlos didn’t have much extra skin/fur to pull. I miss that, too.

The first night they spent with us, we had all the boys ‘sleep’ in the same room. I made the mistake of giving each of them a glow stick before bed. They didn’t sleep for hours! After a while, Bryce came down and told me his glow stick had exploded, all over his ear and his bed, and the floor. He said Gus did it. Their friend, Duane, told me it was a bad thing, because “it’s all over when you get it in your mouth.” He was pretty distraught that some of it had landed on his blanket. I told him it would be OK as long as he didn’t try to eat his blanket. I don’t think he was convinced.

While they were here, we again took the train to Nurnberg. This time we walked around downtown, and then went to a children’s museum. (There wasn’t much open on New Year’s Eve) The kids sat through a lecture on the origin and making of chocolate, all in German. It was fun to watch them as they sat right in the front. I’m sure the lady giving the demonstration and lesson thought these kids were really dumb, since they didn’t respond to her questions, or know what to do when she passed around samples to feel, smell, and taste. In the end, it all worked out well, as the kids got to make and eat their own chocolate from the nibs that they had ground earlier. I think that’s a pretty universal concept, no matter what language you speak.

On New Year’s Day, when almost everything is sure to be closed, we drove to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Usually the streets there are swarming with Japanese tourists, cameras around necks. This time, since most of the shops were closed, the streets were not crowded. I saw more Germans than any other group, although I did hear and see some Italians and Thais. We sampled some Schneeballen, and walked around the city wall. It was cold, very cold, but no snow. It finally snowed on the 2nd of January.

I was glad to send the boys back to school the Monday after the break, only to be called in to substitute that same morning. There was a school delay on Tuesday due to snow, and I had to substitute that day, too! Then, on Wednesday, when I thought I would have a break, Gus stayed home sick. Both Bryce and Gus stayed home sick on Thursday and Bryce stayed home on Friday with a case of what we are calling “Toxic Boogers” and Gus came home early, because of inclement weather and school closing.

It’s been snowing all weekend long. We’ve created a hedge out of the snow from clearing our sidewalk and driveway. Andy is off to beautiful Kansas City, so I am left to shovel by myself this week, with several more snow days predicted. I’m just hoping that school stays open and that we get rid of the toxic boogers. I need a break!

Pictures are up on the other site.

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