On Christmas Eve we went with the bishop’s family on the train to the Christmas Market in Nurnberg. We had a good time and discovered that Christmas Eve is a good day to go to that market because it was less crowded, and many of the vendors gave large discounts because it was the last day the of the market. The bishop has two girls the same ages as the boys. I think they all agreed that riding the train and the subway was the best part of the outing.

We also drug the boys to the Ansbach Christmas market. It was my favorite of all the markets we went to, mostly because it was really close, and pretty small, and didn’t require a lot of walking. We let the boys try out the crepes served there, and we all got some kinderpunch.

On Christmas morning, Bryce was up very early. He decided to sit on the couch until the rest of us awoke. He didn’t even try opening presents or stockings, something that greatly surprised his father. If you know Andy, you will know that such a thing is impossible for him.

After everyone was up, we had breakfast before opening any presents, and I made sure everyone got dressed and looked presentable, even though we didn’t take a lot of pictures. I hate looking at Christmas pictures of half-awake people in grungy pajamas with bed-hair. If you haven’t been told, we bought a Wii for the boys for Christmas. They said it was the best Christmas ever, but they say that every year. I hope it continues. We didn’t give much else, so we really appreciated all the gifts sent by family. It made for a nice holiday.

One of my gifts (to myself) was a small adaptor that let me hook up the satellite box we inherited to the TV we inherited. Before Christmas, I could only connect the sound, and we had no picture. As of Christmas, we now are able to see the picture. To my great disappointment, (ok, there are several) the only things I could find on TV on Christmas day were German home shopping channels and Andre Rieu’s “My Christmas Dream.” It was on several channels. There is no talking in the program, only music. Puke. The other disappointment is that although there are over 300 channels on the satellite, only about half work, and of that, only a handful are NOT home shopping channels, and I have yet to figure out the remote control Andy brought home, so for now, I must manually shuffle through the 300 channels. If you’ve ever watched TV with me, you know a remote is essential, since I really don’t watch any one station for more than two minutes. So, even though I have a functioning TV now, I do not watch. I probably won’t ever watch.

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