No Christmas would be complete without caroling, especially in the land of Christmas, and so close to the birthplace of “Silent Night.”  There is an old lady in our ward who is confined to the old folk’s home. I know it may not be PC to call it an old folk’s home, but that’s what I like to call it. They are old, and it’s my blog.  The young women (we have 2) in our ward joined the Relief Society in organizing an evening of caroling at the home this past Tuesday.  Only one young woman actually came, along with her older sister, mother, and the Young Women’s president.  There were the missionaries, and a friend of the mother of the young woman, and then our family.  We sang in English. We sang in German. We sang, even when we didn’t know the tune, or how to say the words.  It was a good time.  The old people gave the boys chocolates and cookies.  We even got cupcakes from the Young Women’s president.   Ever since then, Andy has been mumbling words and tunes in that special way only he can do.  He sounds like Beaker.  Only one more week left until Christmas.

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