This year we drove to Austria for Thanksgiving. (It’s about 3 hours) We stayed in a rented apartment in the small town of Mils.  It is just outside Hall in Tirol, and about 10 minutes from Innsbruck.  Bryce and I were miserably sick the day we got there, but recovered slowly over the weekend.  We got to see a lot of neat things, and it was nice to have a home base to come back to and relax, especially since we were sick.  I was glad to not have to worry about entertaining anyone, or cooking anything special.  (Gus kept on asking for pumpkin pie, so I’ll have to make up for it sometime)

We took a tour of the Swarovski Crystal Museum, called Kristalwelt.  It’s more of a modern art gallery than a museum. I was surprised at how much everyone enjoyed it.  Bryce especially liked the most bizarre exhibit, a Dali-esque creation with mannequins and clothes flying around the room.  We spent much too long in the gift shop afterwards, where the boys took forever to choose a small crystal souvenir.  We toured a recreated salt mine in downtown Hall, a scary church with a collection of decorated lesser-saints’ skulls, the old mint and tower, and the Christmas markets Hall and Innsbruck.  We even got to go to church there on Sunday, where everyone was disappointed we were only visiting. 

On Thanksgiving we asked the boys what they were thankful for….

Gus: “I’m thankful for the Earth, because if there was no Earth, we’d be in outer space, and we’d die.” 

Bryce: “I’m thankful for air.”

Gus:  “Good point, Bryce, because we’d be like (demonstration of someone choking)”

On the way home from our trip, the boys were talking in the back of the car.  They were having some kind of battle of words, where one would say he would use a blaster, and the other would say he would use a super-double blaster. Eventually it escalated into the calling in of the military.  Gus opted to place a phone call in to Barak Obama, who sounded like adults in Charlie Brown cartoons over the phone.  He requested the Navy be sent in to stop his brother.  Bryce, of course, contacted the Congress instead, knowing that they could over-ride the president.

After driving for a while, we had to pull over at a rest stop and make them run laps.  It was very quiet for the rest of the way home, except for Gus (surprise) who continued to make little random comments;  When we get home, I’m going to kiss our house.”

At dinner that night, after arriving home, and kissing the house, Gus said, while eating a tortilla filled with pulled pork, “I love Pork. It fills me with joy. I can’t believe I kissed the house.”

He later followed this with “I know what the ‘f’ word is… ‘CRAZY!’”

**They have both learned what it really is, and Gus even used it in a very colorful sentence just before I told him I’d make him eat something very unpleasant if I ever heard him say it again.

Pictures are up on the photo site

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