Random Thoughts

When I was younger, I used to make lists of random thoughts. They were stupid, but I was at an age where I thought I was awesome. I think it’s safe for me to say that I was stupid. Maybe I still am, but I’m okay with that. At least I don’t think I’m awesome anymore. Anyway, on with the story……Here are a few random things the boys have mentioned or done that I thought I should share with the world:

1. Gus, and Bryce also, decided that Uncle Mike is “awesome,” and Gus remarked that he doesn’t even mind the teasing “that much.” He also said that he liked Grandpa (in Boulder) even though he calls him “Buffa,” which he does not like.

2. Bryce has been pestering me for about two weeks to tell him what the “f” word is. Apparently no one at school has told him, they just flip the bird, and won’t say it. I’m trying to hold out (I’m sure he’ll hear it any day now)…but the real reason I won’t tell him; once I start letting choice words fly, it’s hard for me to stop.

3. Gus decided a few weeks ago that he is done with kindergarten and is ready to be “big” and go to 1st grade. Ha ha. If he learns nothing in kindergarten but how to respect an authority figure, the world will be a better place for us all. Did I mention I am sooooo glad he has someone else with whom to share his attitude?? After 5 years with him at home, I can’t justify being so selfish.

4. I started running with the wife of one of Andy’s co-workers. She is German. We go on the trails in the woods near her house (in the next village). Every time I go, she is trying to lend me something, usually belonging to her husband. It’s quite funny. So far I’ve been offered his jacket, some running pants, gloves, and bicycle. I’m interested to see if the offers continue to increase in value.

5. A few weeks ago I asked the boys where we should go on vacation. Gus: “Ride a Train” Bryce: “Mexico!” I’ve decided we’ll go to Innsbruck for Thanksgiving. It isn’t Mexico, and we’ll drive instead of taking a train, but I think they’ll enjoy it anyway. I hope to try a “klumper” if there’s enough snow.

6. I’ve also made preliminary travel plans for the next while: Christmas in southern Iberia with a trip to Morocco… Spring break in France (ours is 9 April-18 April) either in Arles, or Normandy (so if you have a preference, let me know before everything is booked up)…Summer: A week on a canal boat in the UK and either southern France or Normandy (whichever one we did not do) Scandinavia, and Italy, so long as I can convince my best friend in the entire world Jim Ticconi to let us stay at his place in the mountains. Plus, trips around Germany, mostly to places tourists don’t care to visit, because I’ve already been there, and I’m in charge. 🙂 Next Christmas….I think we’ll check out Lapland.

7. Bryce told me he can’t stop thinking about Christmas, therefore we should decorate now.

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