At the beginning of October Andy was sent to do some training at Ramstein AFB about 2 1/2 hours from home. He was there for about a week and we went and stowed away in his hotel over the weekend. While there we visited some good friends who lived in our neighborhood in Colorado. (They are also from Idaho) The boys were having a grand time playing at their house, running around with toy guns and a set of “chain-cups,” (hand-cuffs). One moment, Gus was trying to sneak away from Bryce. The next moment, he rammed full speed into the closed sliding glass door. Luckily, he did not go through, but he did bounce off like he was made of rubber, leaving a large smudge of boogers on the window. Immediately, he turned and screamed, double bloody nose, and huge goose egg on his forehead. It has been a while since he injured that “special” spot on his head, the spot that has spent the past 3 years with a permanent bruise. He probably broke his nose. So, he spent the next week with a yellowing bruise and slightly black eye. My friend said she didn’t have the heart to clean off the window. (Gross) To make matters worse, Gus usually goes pretty PSYCO around bed time, getting all wound up and being goofy beyone reason. About a week after meeting the window, Gus’s special spot decided to meet the ceiling in Bryce’s room (see photo). Not really sure why it happened, but it must have hurt, because Gus just lay on the floor for about 15 minutes holding his goose egg before deciding to get up. For Christmas, I think we’ll be getting him a helmet.

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