Fall…..down the sewer

The air is crisp and cool. The leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. There is even lebkuchen in the grocery stores . Fall has arrived.

Today’s adventure began yesterday when a friend (the relief society president, who is German) called to ask a favor of me. She wanted a ride onto the base to visit some people. Of course I was happy to oblige. As it turns out, bryce was home form school sick today so I took him with me to pick up my friend this morning. As we are about to get into the car in front of my friend’s house I drop my keys. They land precariously pearched on the street sewer drain. I look down and think to myself “no problem…i can just bend down and just pick them up.”. Of course, whenever I drop anything it usually takes me multiple attempts secure the fallen object. Sometimes up to four or five tries. This was no exception, except that I only got one try. After the first attempt, the keys slipped between the grate and fell into the dark, murky abiss about five feet below the street into steadily flowing water. My car keys, my house keys, the garage key, and the mailbox key. Gone. Bryce said, “Why did you do that?” Thanks Bryce.
Usually when bad things happen, I get a pit feeling in my stomach, like the sudden onset of food poisoning. A million things will rush through my head, at once I begin to asess the damage and repairs needed. All senerios are played out. I feel overwhelmed and depressed at the seemingly Insurmountable tasks at hand. Well, not much of that happened today. I did have the brain flash at warp speed, but my biggest concern was the possibility of not being able to help my friend as we had planned. I gasped then laughed and then set to work, unfazed by the potentially traumatic event. I think I would have been more distressed had I dropped a Euro down there.
As is so often the case, Providence prevailed. Since I had Bryce with me, the car was unlocked. I had just days before used a spare key and immediately found it in the glove box. It amazingly worked to start the car (I thought it was only good for the glove box and trunk). I was able to take my friend on her visits and was able to contact someone who could get in touch with my landlord so he could get me inside my house, where I had a complete set of extra keys. Making contact with the landlord Herr Wenig is no small miracle. We have gone for days without being able to get ahold of him.
Once home the miracles continued. Another friend randomly stopped by with dozens of canning jars. Before yesterday, my plans for today were to pick up more canning jars. With the key fiasco and a sick child I was not going to get that errand done for another week. What a blessing! She didn’t even know it.
Then a few hours later, the relief society president calls to let me know she has my keys. She had contacted some city municiple water person and they somehow fished them out, AT NO COST. This is amazing in Germany, as with money, anything is possible here. Maybe my friend paid for it and didnt tell me. She was much more distressed about the incident than I was. After describing the keys to me on the phone to make sure they were mine, she told me my keys were “smelly.” She also told me a german proverb: if you don’t try to do anything good, nothing bad will happen. No more favors for me.

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