School, and missing pots

Gus started school on Tuesday.  He was a little nervous. I sent them both on the bus, then drove to school to meet Gus and take him into his class. His teacher is newly moved here from Japan. There are 15 kids in the class, and a teacher’s helper, so I’m sure he’ll be well take care of.  He was being a stinker and wouldn’t let me take a nice picture of him. I’ll post those I did get on the shutterfly site soon. It was a little lonely at home for me, but in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Gus was just meant to have a larger audience to torment during the daylight hours. His teacher has already told us that he doesn’t like to do work, and tells her he already knows most of the stuff.  Ha ha.  This is what I’ve been living with for the past 5 years!!

After one week of living in the house, we’ve put together a new kitchen (IKEA-put it together-might-as-well-have-grown-the-trees-yourself-style-Andy-please-buy-me-220V power-tools-soon), hooked up the sink,but not the cupboards, moved boxes up and down the stairs a lot of times, and still more to come, moved big bookshelves and wardrobes all sorts of places, and today finally got the phone and internet hooked up.  Skype me anytime, well, try to do the time math first, but I’ll usually have my iphone connected while I’m in the house, so you can call on that. (sorry, no pictures on the iphone) 

So far, I’ve opened all the boxes (minus picture boxes) looking for misc. hardware and pieces needed to assemble furniture.  I seem to be missing a large stainless steel frying pan and an electronic control stainless steel oval crock pot. Have you seen them in the shed in Boulder?? I know we left a bunch of appliances back there.  Other than that, we have too much stuff.  Only one thing broken so far, a Pampered Chef product, of course.  The packers did a wonderful job, even if things like blankets and towels were in a box labled “computer monitor.”  It’s kind of exciting to see what’s inside each box because the lable is in some sort of packer-code, and often misleading to the untrained eye. Now that all the boxes are opened, I need to get to work putting everything in its one true place.

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