The End is in sight…or is it just the beginning?

Today, Saturday, the last free day before school beings. Through a series of miracles, I was able to register both children sans problems (or official medical records) and even get them worked into the school bus schedule.  School begins next week, one of the most inconvenient weeks ever for this to happen.  I am supposed to pick up Andy from his lovely TDY/vacation, meet with Gus’ teacher, drop Bryce off for school, and pick him up, and go to the dentist.  This is only Monday.  You should see Friday’s schedule. I need a few clones to keep up, plus a few extra cars. 

We are supposed to move into our house on Friday, Bryce’s birthday.  He won’t be having much of any celebration, aside from the elation that will come from seeing his stuff.  Everything else will have to wait.  Beginning early in the morning, we will have an inspection to vacate the current abode.  This means, usually, that everything must be in working order, and clean, sometimes white glove style.  Then, next in my mind, but actually chronologically first, we are having our household goods delivered to our new house. We hope to have keys to the house before then…yet to be determined.  Then, probably at the butt crack of dawn (so really the real first thing to happen) we are having some appliances delivered to the new house, too, shortly followed by a team of appliance installers (who will plug in the appliances).  You have to spread the work around these parts.  No multi-tasking allowed by these Germans.  Only carefully engineered and designed things for every function. Each and every one (like the big armed machine that looks like a huge ear-hair trimmer and is designed to trim the sides of the road).  This would really not be a problem, except that there is no place for some of the particular appliances in the house, so we need to do a little demolition before there is room for the installer and deliverer to perform their singular, respective duties.   So, the dilemma….How can I be both in the new house for demolition, delivery, and installation and in the old house for white-glove cleaning and inspecting with one car, three boys (Andy included) and a bunch of stuff to move all at the same time?   Sounds like one of those stay-up-all-night questions your math teacher gives you as busy work.  The answer, obviously, is only found in one place. Who needs clones when we have the Elder’s Quorum?

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