“I’m not sure I want to touch a girl”

After playing at the park down the street for a few minutes, Gus comes into the house and tells me that this one girl, not Solena (his usual park companion),  was climbing on the rope bridge and got stuck, and needs help.  He continues to describe how she got stuck, that she speaks a little English, on and on in his special way, and then ends with “can you come, because I’m not sure I want to touch a girl.”  As if we have cooties, or something!  It was almost as bad as the story he told me a few days before. He was lamenting the fact that his older brother has all kinds of toys. He said he wished Bryce was a baby, then he, Gus, could have all the cool toys, but as he was thinking this through, he began to realize…. “then I would have to pick Bryce up and move him away from the toys.  I can’t believe I would touch a baby.”  FYI, Gus has baby-phobia or baby-allergies, self-proclaimed.  He really has a hard time with the crying (instantly covers his ears) and covers his eyes as if he’ll puke if he continues to see a baby/toddler wearing diapers.  It’s quite amusing.  It’s ok to see a baby, as long as he doesn’t see/smell the diaper.  Maybe it’s all too fresh in the memory?

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