Dr. Donachie and Mr. Bean

There is one pediatric dentist on the post. She is not part of the Army, just works for them, which is usually the case with a lot of dentists overseas here.  She initially came off as very “pole-up-the-butt” the first time we went to see her. She freaked out if the non-patient boy walked into the room while the patient boy was being examined.  She was afraid that the non-patient boy would accidentally break something, just by walking into the room.  She was obviously irked about having the extra company, so I sent the non-patient boy back to the waiting room, where it seems like she wouldn’t care if they decided to pull the wallpaper off, or build a bonfire.  Not really what you would expect from a pediatric dentist.  I was hoping for fun-loving, kid-friendly, and relaxed persona. Okay…not to be found here.   So, that was just the initial record-making appointment, and we scheduled cleanings for the next week.  More weirdness to come.  Did I mention that she is British? This could explain a lot, about everything.

 So, Bryce had a lot of cleaning to be done, and was sitting still for a long time. I said, “Good job” several times to congratulate him on being so well behaved, and she said, “thank you,” as if I were telling her how good of a job she was doing cleaning his teeth.  She did this several times, as if I would even think to praise the dentist.  Loca! 

The next day, it was Gus’ turn, but before we even got to the waiting room, she walks up to Bryce and proudly inspects his freshly cleaned teeth, and smiles really big… “Oh, isn’t that nice” and calls out the dental assistant to show her, several times!  What is up with this woman??  On to Gus sitting in the chair. I supervise, because I know he doesn’t have near as much self-control as Bryce in any area.  In the background is playing what Dr. Donachie referred to as “elevator music” but it turns out it’s the song O bambino Caro, or whatever Mr. Bean sings in his movie. I tell her this, and we enter a new dimension.  For the rest of the appointment, she goes on about how much she loves Mr. Bean, and that the clip of him at the dentist is her favorite, and how Johnny English is her favorite movie because the British hate the French….blah blah.  Poor Gus is sitting there with all this gauze stuffed in his cheeks while she goes on.  And then randomly, “Do you plan to teach the boys an instrument?”  I can hardly wait to see what happens again in 6 months.

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