Doors coming off Hinges

We are still in our temporary lodging.  I have threatened and explained to the boys that we need to be extra careful not to destroy or damage anything here, as we are only here a short time and don’t want to be paying to have things fixed.  So, they take my message to heart…NOT!  Gus takes apart a little toy, and sticks the pieces into the door lock mechanism, which is big, since it uses a skeleton key.  Then a few days later, Bryce comes downstairs and tells me there is a problem, well, that I’ll think it was a big problem, but he doesn’t think it really is a big problem.  Gus has tried to close his door so quickly, or perhaps tried to close it while a LARGE object is obstructing (think Bryce), and pulled one of the hinges out of the door frame, and therefore, the door off the other hinge.  After examination, it is obvious that it is not entirely their fault, because there is evidence that this such thing has happened before (packing tape holding the hinge to the door frame??).  So, I try to replace the hinge, and then the door, but it’s a hard thing to do when you’re angry and weak in the arms.  I must stop, or the string of profanities flowing out will become audible.  I set the door aside and tell them if they touch it, they will be crushed and die (more by me than by the door).  I put in a work-order for the door.  Two men and a drill only temporarily fix the problem, and I hope to be out of here before it becomes an issue again.  As for the toys in the door, I told them about that, and I think they just replaced the door knob, so probably the toys are gone forever.  Too bad, so sad.  Som nom nah.

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