School will begin soon

Living overseas with children in school, Dept. of Defense Schools specifically, is an interesting concept.  Most noticeably, they don’t have an attendance policy, necessary for the erratic moving that the Army tends to thrust upon families.  They don’t care if you miss half the year, you’ll probably still be advanced to the next grade. This is bad.  If you have a great family vacation planned, and school is just not convenient, no problem.  Kind of good, kind of bad.  Perhaps unique to the location we are at, there are two elementary schools, and so even registering for school becomes another adventure.  You cannot register for school until you have permanent housing, so they can determine which school you should attend.  Since we don’t have a house secured by a lease,  we cannot register the kids.  If that doesn’t happen for 5 months, no attendance, no problem.  (This is bad for those who can’t handle their own kids for one day, let alone all summer, and then some, especially if you are living out of suitcases for two months, and it’s raining every other day so you can’t go outside).  Having no house is only part of our dilemma.  Part two, we need to have current shot records to register the kids.  This problem goes way back, about 1 year, and belongs to the Air Force, or at least I am going to choose to blame it on them.  They deserve it.  They have not been good guardians of our records, and have mysteriously let them go where they don’t know.  I won’t even get started about it.  It’s just another hurdle to getting the boys in school. So, as the rest of the children are gearing up, getting supplies, and choosing outfits for the first day of school, I am pretty confident that it will pass without any event in our family.  We will still be off the radar.  Let’s go on vacation!!

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