Werner Ulhman

When Andy was in-processing, everyone kept telling him that if he needed a car, he should see Werner.  He sells cars to everyone here.  He has good deals.  Blah, blah, blah.  So, Andy contacts Werner.  Now he is one of my favorite people!  Werner Ulhman lives about 30 minutes drive away from the base in a very little town called Bremmenhof.  He lives on his family farm with his family, next door to this brother.  They have about 50 acres of land and they grow all kinds of things. He is especially proud of their potatoes, which he claims are the best, because they don’t use artificial fertilizers.  He also has a big garage with two lifts, where he fixes up cars, mostly BMW’s.  His driveway is his car lot and scrap yard all at the same time.  The first time we drove down there to meet with him, he told us words of wisdom, such as, “All my life, I hate to spend money” and “buying a new car is stupid.”  Every time we see him, he has other great proverbs to share.  Our most recent trip, he told me all about the virtues of natural farming, and how we need to eat dirt and bacteria to stay healthy; We should also get natural sunlight, even though it makes us look brown and like leather; Having a big house is not a good idea, because you spend all weekend cleaning it.  He also rehearses to me all the good deals he’s found lately as far as BMW’s.  One time Gus needed to use the bathroom while we were there, and he told him to just go around the corner.  Gus didn’t think that was adequate, so he let us go inside his house.  In the front entry way he has all kinds of stuffed animals.  He shot them himself.  He also has several little hunting dogs, whom the boys like to see and play with when we come. I really enjoy going to see him, not only because I get to test-drive all his BMW’s, but because it’s always a surprise what I’ll learn.

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