Temp Quarters

Stairs of Death

Stairs of Death

Our temporary house is part of a small grouping of buildings formerly leased by the US government to house soldiers and their families.  The buildings are quite old, and are in need of repair. The government is in the process of ending the leases and returning the buildings to the German owners, who are sub-leasing or selling the units.  Most of the units are already vacant, or have Germans already living in them. Only a few Americans remain, and for only a few more months. 

It's nice to have our own address

It's nice to have our own address

Our house, #39, had been vacant for a while.  There are spiders and cobwebs all over the place, and large mineral deposits from the dripping faucets in all the sinks.  Plus, it smells stinky, even after keeping the windows open all day.  The advantages of this place over the hotel are:  no cleaning staff, no muffins, individual rooms for each boy, a living room with couch, arm chairs and coffee table, a real dining table with 4 chairs, a full kitchen, and bathtub.  We are also close to two parks, lots of German kids, and our own washing machine and drier in the basement. It has been really nice to have room to spread out.  Because of this arrangement, we were able to accept our unaccompanied baggage shipment.  There really weren’t many useful things we sent in this shipment because we thought we’d have our other shipment first, but the boys got their Legos and Bionicles, so they are happy for a few days.  Both boxes of toys have been on the floors of their rooms since day 1, and I don’t really plan on having them clean up until we leave.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve let them keep such a mess for so long, I kind of feel like they deserve a break. The shipment also included Gus’ favorite games, so, we’ve been playing a lot of UNO, Trouble, and I Spy again, too.Germany-Aug 058

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