Peace Protesters

July 25th 002The first week we were here, we were without a car. We walked between the two Kaserns to get to where we wanted to go. One evening, just as we walked out the gate, a man was on the street corner posting a sign saying that the protest wouldn’t be this Thursday, but Friday instead, or something like that. He had on a shirt with a helicopter with a big red line through it.  He was very polite to me, and hurried on his way.  A few weeks later, on the same corner, I saw again this same man, in the same no-helicopter shirt, joined by another man, protesting the army, and chanting no war from Germany, blah blah.  I’m pretty sure I know where this guy lives.  He has a big sign out front.  Honestly, if I were him, I’d probably be upset about the helicopters, too. They are noisy, and tend to fly from late afternoon until 11pm.  Even I complain about them.  Just last week outside the gate was a larger group, kids, old people, and rainbow flags with “PEACE” written on them, holding some kind of press conference.  They were, of course, headed by some hippy type with long dread-locked hair, who was passionately speaking to the crowd about why they should not spend their tax money to build a road that would go towards the new housing area that the Americans are building.  It’s funny to see their anti-logic and how their reality is warped, just like those who like to protest outside the ranch in Crawford, TX.  Around town there is even some nice graffiti.

The kids keep asking me what this means...I'm not sure what a lier is (maybe they meant Liger)

The kids keep asking me what this means...I'm not sure what a lier is (maybe they meant Liger)

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