G’day Germany

On day, Werner told us of an Australian Fest in the neighboring town.  He himself had just returned from it to meet us at his house.  He rode up on an old dirt bike, with Top Gun sunglasses. It was a funny sight to see.  Anyway, after a few test-drives of a 740, we stopped by the fest.  Out in the woods near this town was a soccer field where a team of Germans was playing Australian football against a team from Czech Republic. 

German Kangaroos

German Kangaroos

We got there during a break in the game, just in time to see a couple of Australian men and a little boy sing about an ‘old rocking chair’ while two people dressed in kangaroo costumes danced around.  Everyone was wearing Crocodile Dundee hats. It was really bizarre.  Then, after trying some emu bratwurst, the boys got pushed on a merry-go round by the kangaroo. 

Who invented this?

Who invented this?

During the next break of the game, which was really interesting, a local musical group performed a “I-can-hit-the-broom-with-a-wooden-spoon” dance while singing.  All the Germans next to us were singing and swaying along.  Who knew such things existed?  Who knew Germans were into Australian football, or the Czechs??  Back in the town, there was an area set up for throwing boomerangs, and a place where you could pay and make your own.  We let the boys each make one (actually we did most of the making) and then they got to try them out.  I kept thinking to myself…these are not good toys.  They are weapons! 



Both boomerangs came out well, and have the potential to kill something with the right throw.  I don’t think we’ll be practicing with them much.

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