Stopped the leaks, what next?

Last adventure, the plumber…he doesn’t speak English, of course, and smells like a typical German blue collar (stinky). I try to stay out of his way while he works, just because the smell is intolerable. Kind of like the man who delivered a shipment of our stuff, except he smelled “pickled” instead of stinky.
I have the boys in a 10 day intensive swimming class. It is by far the best lessons I have ever seen. They are swimming for an hour straight every morning. This has been a great way to keep them controllable for the rest of the day, as they are quite subdued. I will be sad when it ends on Thrusday. I’m sure by then they will both be swimming, albeit like rocks. At least they will have the strokes and movement down.. I plan on continuing lessons later this fall with the same teacher.
On last Wednesday, we met our new landlord for the first time. He was nice. The current tenants had mentioned some interesting things about him to us. We’ll see how all turns out. In the bottom of the house is a seperate apartment that his brother used to rent. His brother is now deceased, and the landlord has requested that the apartment be kept exactly how it was….hmmmm. So, it’s kind of spooky and weird. I can’t wait to see it!
On Thursday we made a kind of big trip to Wiesbaden to meet Andy’s boss, et al. After a few attempts, we finally found the correct building downtown, and Andy had a nice chat with his supervisors. (Andy just got braces on his teeth, by the way. His Army dentist claims he’ll only have them for 6 months. We’ll see how that goes, too).  Next, we went on another across-town adventure to find the PX, so we could buy Gus some “strap” shoes since he wouldn’t wear the ones with laces I bought him just before we left. We made him learn how to tie them before we agreed to get new shoes. He learned the first time I showed him, the turd. So, now he has these Sketchers Airators, and Bryce is jealous, and wants to know why I never bought him those, and he already knows how to tie his shoes.
After the shoe escapade, we went to the Frankfurt Temple, which is actually in Friedrichsdorf. They have a hostel there for temple visitors, and we stayed there Thursday and Friday night. We were in a room with 4 bunk beds, and Andy and I took turns with the kids. It was actually very nice. The beds there are 110% better than the loaner bed we have in our temp. housing right now. We all slept well. The next day we went to Bad Homburg, down the road, and walked around the park and downtown. It is a resort/spa town with healing waters. Gus tasted the waters, but he said he didn’t like them. I haven’t noticed any healing either. I’ll post pictures once I get around to a unsecure internet location. In town we also bought Gus a pair of goggles for swimming, and he decided to test them out in a huge fountain in downtown Bad Homburg. I’m sure the Germans were wondering what this crazy kid was doing, and where his parents were. I wish I would have taken a picture. In the process of dunking his head in the fountain, he laid directly in two piles of pegion poop. So, when he came up for air, not only was his head, hair, and shirt all wet, it was also covered with poop. After trying unsuccessfully to wash it off, I tried to console him by telling him that in some countries, it was lucky to have pegion poop on you. He immediately asked where (Italy), and told us we should move there soon.

We stopped by IKEA on the way home on Saturday. They have a playplace for kids, but it was full, so Gus cried for the hour we were there. I didn’t see any duct tape at IKEA. I’ll have to bring my own next time.
We had to speak in church on Sunday, and they called me to be the ward pianist/primary pianist. Sould be pretty exciting.
This morning we woke up at 3:30am and took Andy to the airport so he could make his way to Alabama. I guess it’s pretty nice there this time of year, and he couldn’t resist. After swimming lessons, we’re trying to take it easy for the rest of the day. So far, so good.

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