Moving…take 2

Our first 30 days here in Germany is finishing today.  Tomorrow will be our 30th day in the hotel here, and therefore, the last day that we are allowed temporary lodging.  Hence, we must move.  We have been lucky enough to actually find a very nice and large house that we would like to rent for the next 3 years. We have a tentative agreement with the landlord, and are working out details with the current occupants, our bishop and his family.  The only problem is that they are not planning to leave Germany until September.  So, the interim plan is for us to move into a temporary house while we wait for our permanent house to be ready.  We went and looked at it this morning.  The boys didn’t want to leave. There are two playgrounds just outside the door, they each get their own room, and we will have a couch.  What more is there??  Only downside for mom and dad…there is no internet connection and we plan for no telephone connection, so updates here will be limited for the next month or longer.  

Today’s goal is to pack up all of our stuff here at the hotel, find all the little Lego pieces that have been strewn across the floors and under the beds, finish untransport-friendly food in the fridge (ie eggs) and make a few trips between the new place and the hotel (we and all of our stuff will not fit into our vehicle at one time). 

Month #2 living out of a suitcase.  Let the fun begin!

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